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When it comes to storing clothing and accessories, shoes can be the hardest ones to organize because we have so many pairs. So, it’s important to find a good way to display and store your collection, so they become easy to find and look great while on display!


1. Crown Moulding:  
We love this idea for a shoe display and storage because it is so simple, practical, and looks amazing! All you need is some strips of crown moulding cut to the size of your space, and suddenly you have a beautiful place to display your favourite shoes.  This is especially a great idea for those with a large collection of high heels, as the heel hooks right into the moulding.


2. Modern Bookshelf: If you’re looking for more of a stand-alone piece for shoe storage, consider using a bookshelf! Any shape or size of bookshelf will work for shoe storage, and you should be able to store quite a few pairs. Try to find an open bookshelf like the one above for maximum storage and a designer look.


3. Shoe & Storage Shelves: 
If you have an extra-large collection of shoes, you may want to consider going big with your storage plans. For example, you could build several sets of shelves into your closet or mudroom and give each shoe a place. The shelves could be painted to match the wall color to make for a smooth, cohesive look. For an added designer touch, consider adding lighting to highlight your collection of shoes.


4. Vintage Cabinet Display: Lastly, if you love the idea of reuse and recycle, why not bring in some vintage vibes with your shoe display. Ideally, you’ll want to find a vintage-looking cabinet or hutch with open or glass cupboards that will nicely display and store your shoes; this would be a great time to find a cabinet to DIY or fix up into the perfect place for your shoes.

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