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Summer fruits such as peaches and nectarines are a sweet treat that truly gives us the feeling of summertime, so it makes sense that we want to make this feeling last all year long. One way to bottle up summer is to preserve your favourite fruit in multiple ways to enjoy them throughout the year.


If you want the taste of summer fruit to last for a few extra months, you may want to consider making jam. You can create your own jam with almost any fruit such as peaches, strawberries, blackberries etc. The best thing about making jam with your summer fruit is to freeze it, gift it or enjoy it right away on warm toast or a bagel.

Frozen Fruit

The easiest and quickest way to preserve fruit is to freeze it. This method will keep it in a useable form for months, and it can be used for so many recipes. Frozen fruit is great for obvious things such as smoothies or defrosted and enjoyed, but frozen summer fruit is also great for baking. When you freeze fruit, lay each piece out on a baking tray covered in parchment paper. Freeze the fruit on the tray, and once frozen, it can be moved over to a container for easy storage.


Baking is a great way to keep the flavour of your favourite fruit around, and you can stock up on your favourite baked goods. You can create anything from pies to muffins to turnovers and either serve them right away or freeze them for later use. The best part is you’ll always have a stocked freezer full of treats, and you’ll be able to share your love of summer fruit with any guest who stops by for a snack.

Ice Cream

Lastly, if you want a refreshing treat without the guilty calories, why not make summer fruit ice cream? All you need to do is freeze your favourite fruit using the method above and blend it up. Ideally, you want to freeze some bananas to make the base for your ice cream and then add a mixture of frozen summer fruit. Throw all the fruit into a food processor and blend till smooth and freeze in a container of your choice. You can add in some yummy add-ins, such as chocolate, vanilla, or even nuts.

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