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When it comes to television in the home, you generally find one in most North American living rooms. But the one thing that makes all these living rooms different is where the television is placed or displayed. Nowadays, you have so many options for how you want to display your TV and if you want it more hidden away or as the star of the room. So, to give you a little inspiration for your own living space, we have gathered three of the most popular ways to display your television and how you can make it work within your living space.

  1. Wall Mounted: One of the most common ways that you will see televisions displayed in homes is usually wall mounted as a centerpiece of the living room. This helps creates a focal point in the room, especially when paired with a large structure such as a fireplace. In fact, if you’re considering installing a Valor Fireplace within your home you may want to consider this televison setup as Valor offers the great add-on called HeatShift.  Heatshift is a new technology that redirects heat to a higher outlet, allowing you to mount sensitive items such as a TV in the space above your fireplace. With this great add-on, you won’t have to worry about the wall of your fireplace getting too warm and you’ll be able to enjoy heat at a higher elevation.  For more information on HeatShift, please visit here.

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Television Stand: If you’re not 100% about where you want to display your television, a great option is a traditional TV stand. Not only does this display style offer you lots of flexibility with design, but you can also move your setup around as freely as you like.  This allows you to have your televison a part of the living space rather than being the star of the show.  It also allows your design and decor items to do the attention-grabbing while your TV set up mixes into the background of your space.

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Built-In Display:  Lastly, if you’re looking for a more cohesive and put-together idea, a built-in television setup may be the right way to go. Building your TV into new or existing storage such as bookcases or display shelves creates a feature wall in your living space for all to enjoy. This setup will also allow you to build around your television, making it seem like it’s all one large display area. You will have the opportunity to style the surrounding area, which will give you the perfect balance of style and practicality.

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