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Can you believe that Summer is slowly coming to a close? It’s unbelievable how fast time moves when you’re having fun in the summer sunshine. So, as we enjoy the last few weeks of summer, it’s a great time to start preparing for Fall inside and around the outside of your home. These items are easy to check off your list and leave you feeling prepared for the next season.

  1. Overhaul The Yard:  Now is the time to overhaul the yard before the cold season hits. This means packing up any summer items you no longer need out, weeding and caring for the lawn and cleaning out the shed to make sure the tools you need for the next few seasons are in reach. By making these small adjustments now, you will find you have much less to do outside in the next few months.

  2. Clean & Inspect Your Fireplace: This is a very important step in preparing for fall as you will be using your fireplace regularly and you want to make sure it is in proper working order. If you own a Valor Fireplace, take the time to read through the instructions to clean your fireplace, check the batteries in your remote and make sure to update yourself on the safety information listed here. By taking these steps you won’t have to worry about the state of your fireplace and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the radiant heat. Learn more from our most recent Q&A post regarding how to prepare your fireplace for fall.

  3. Check Indoor & Outdoor Lights: Lighting is very important inside and outside the home as new seasons bring darker evenings and less sunlight.  Ideally, the outside of your home should be well-lit with path lights and overhead lighting at the entry of the home. Make sure to check lightbulbs and replace any that may need it to avoid having to do it in the later months.

  4. Prepare Your Entryway: When we think of our home, the entryway or front area of the home is the highest traffic area. Because of this, it’s wise to prepare and set up the entranceway for the upcoming months and seasons. This means packing away summer items such as sandals and light coats, making room to store boots and heavier coats and lastly making sure you have a place to store guests’ outerwear and shoes when they come to visit.

  5. Organize Your Garage & Storage Spaces: Lastly, before the cold appears it’s always a good idea to go through our garage space and anywhere we have long-term storage. By tackling these areas you will not only be able to clear out anything you may not need but you’ll also be able to bring items to the front that you may need such as winter coats, holiday decorations or warm bedding. Within the garage make sure to clean it out, pack away the summer items and store away anything that may be affected by the cold weather.
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