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Plaid seems to be a pattern that appears with the arrival of the fall season. Its checkered design and warm colors give off an extra cozy feel that fits nicely with the season and the colder temperatures. Now, when it comes to bringing in plaid within home design, it can be the perfect accent for neutral colors, and it gives off a sense of warmth.

Two Little Rippers

Layered Doormat

If you love the idea of a bit of plaid pattern for your home, this is a perfect idea! All you need is a plaid doormat, a second doormat, & a non-stick mat to recreate this lovely layered look. Use the non-slip mat between the two layers to keep everything in place. Click the picture to learn more.

Home Create Idea

Plaid Furniture

If you prefer to be bold with your fabric and pattern choices, then you might want to consider bringing in a plaid-covered chair or couch. The great thing about this pattern is that it can be dressed down or dressed up depending on what look you’re going for. Using a bold print like plaid against neutral colors, you will significantly impact the room and give it an eye-catching look. 


Plaid Accents

A plaid pattern is so versatile in terms of where it can fit within your existing home decor. A great way to bring it into your space in a subtle way is to choose plaid pillows for your main seating area or in your living room. This brings in a comfortable feel and adds a layer of warmth to the entire space without going too bold.

Hymn & Verses

Plaid Curtains

Curtains are a fantastic way to bring a small amount of a look or pattern that you love. Also, as an added bonus, you can choose the level of exposure of the design by either tying back the curtains or spreading them out for display. They bring a rustic farmhouse look that gives you the feeling of home and comfort.

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