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There is nothing better than those seasonal smells, whether you love the smell of fresh rain on the fall leaves or a deep, rich aroma of a warm pumpkin pie cooling from the oven. There is no doubt that you can find fall smells almost everywhere around you, but the big question is how to capture these scents and bring them into our home. This can be done with a few simple ingredients and a little festive creativity, which will leave you with great smelling results for everyone in the house to enjoy.

Bake Something

While this might seem like the most obvious way to bring in the fall aromas, it’s undoubtedly one of the best because you’ll fill the home with a beautiful scent, and you’ll get to enjoy all the hard work in the form of a baked good or treat. Choose your favourite fall recipe, especially one with pumpkin as an ingredient (don’t forget to check out our latest pumpkin chocolate chip cookie post here) and let your baking cool on the counter once complete. By doing this, you will fill the home with a warm, comforting smell that is sure to last all day. A little trick is to have a treat ready to go in the oven just before your guests arrive so they will be able to soak up this custom fall scent when it’s at its strongest.

Scented Decor

If you are looking for a longer-lasting idea for bringing fall scents into the home, consider adding in scented decor to make that smell last. Whether you simply choose to run a diffuser with your favorite essential oil or plan to make your own cinnamon-covered pinecones, finding a scented decor is an excellent way for a subtle smell to spread all through your home throughout the day. For creating your own pinecones, find a few pinecones lying outside and give them a good rinse and dry. Once dry, toss them with your favorite fall spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla or even peppermint. Display them and let them bring the smells of fall to your home.

DIY Room Spray

Lastly, consider making your own DIY room spray if you want an easy option for surrounding yourself in those fall scents. Mix together your favorite essential oils, water and a dash of vinegar in. a spray bottle and give it a vigorous shake. Apply this spray near the entrances of your homes so that a beautiful fall smell will greet anyone who will enter.

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