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While we would love to ignore that winter is on the way, it’s a great time to start preparing your outdoor space for the colder season. Fall yard work can actually be pretty enjoyable with the cool but comfortable temperature, and the tasks aren’t too labour intensive but highly rewarding. 

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Rake The Leaves

While the leaves are beautiful as they change colour and fall from the trees, they, unfortunately, need to be dealt with before winter. So, take the time to rake the backyard from one side to the other and remove any tree debris or weeds.  This will leave your yard looking clean and make for easier clean-up once winter has ended.

Lawn Care

Fall is a fantastic time to spend a little extra time on your lawn and prepare it to survive the winter and thrive in the spring. Take the time to aerate the lawn, lay down grass seed and thoroughly water before the winter season arrives.

Yard Trim

The summertime can encourage additional growth for the trees and bushes in our yard, so they can get a little out of control. So, this is a perfect time to trim back everything as much as desired to allow for new growth and a clean look. Also, look for large branches that may be a hazard over the winter months, especially if your area gets a lot of snow.

The Final Mow

The lawn should be given one last final mow before your close up the shed for winter. This is great for the yard itself, and you’ll have a nice cleaned-up look as you head into the chillier months. Once you’re finished with the lawn, consider doing a small maintenance check on your lawn mower before it’s tucked away for a few months.

Once all the yard work is done, and you’re happy with your results, it’s time to put away the yard tools. Make sure to clean and put away all equipment you won’t be using over the winter so they won’t be in the way and will be easy to find come spring when your ready to start yard maintenance all over again.

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