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As we get farther into the Fall season, you may notice your home feeling colder as the days go by and the seasons start to change. With the dropping temperatures, it can be hard to keep the house feeling warm and cozy on the inside when the outside can be dreary and uninviting! There are, however, a few easy ways to keep your home warm over the winter, and it won’t take too much extra effort to keep yourself comfortable no matter what the seasons bring.


Whether you switch your curtains a few times a year or have a favorite pair that you hang year-round, make sure to use a thicker material in the Fall and Winter to preserve heat in the home. Hanging thick and heavy curtains will insulate the windows from the inside keeping at least 40% more warmth inside and keeping the cold out. If you are not looking to replace your curtains completely, you can add an insulated curtain liner behind your existing setup to get similar results.

It might just seem like a great way to brighten the home, but letting sunlight in during the day can make all the difference when it comes to keeping the home feeling warm and toasty. By allowing natural sunlight to shine into your home during the day, you can heat the house, keeping it warm even as night falls. Keep the windows and doors closed while the curtains are open to bring in the heat and keep out the cold.

Windows & Doors
One place that cold air will sneak in is through the small spaces near our windows and doors in the home. It’s essential to do a yearly Winter check of all the openings and cracks found around the house, especially near openings or transitions. Ensuring that these small spaces are filled and tightly secured will help from letting out any warm air and bringing in cold air into the rooms of your home.

Last but certainly not least, to keep your home warm this winter, turn on your Valor Fireplace. All Valor Fireplaces use radiant heat to heat your home, which will make you feel warm like you do in the Summer sunshine. As a bonus, your fireplace will also use 25% less energy than a forced-air system would. Between these great features and the functional programmable remote, you won’t have to worry about being cold this winter. For more information on radiant heat, visit here.

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