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The arrival of the winter season is just around the corner, so why not celebrate by decorating your home for the upcoming season! Winter decorations can give off a cozy and warm feeling, making for extra inviting home space and making your guests feel extra comfortable. Plus, these decorations can be left up long after Christmas to keep the cheer going!

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Snowflake Decor

For a fun yet straightforward winter decor idea, hang snowflakes from the ceiling in a hallway or room in your home. Everyone in the family can get involved and make their own custom snowflake to hang down for the winter season. Set up an afternoon where everyone can spend time creating several snowflakes for the ceiling display and spend time planning where and how you’ll hang them. 

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Pinecone Centerpiece

This wintery centrepiece is not only easy to create, but it is also perfect for dinner parties and gatherings all winter long. You’ll need a few items from the craft store and a few touches from outside to complete this project, but the result is well worth it! Add your own custom touch by adding fresh winter flowers or herbs for a different look.


Winter Welcome

The best place for you to express your love for the winter season is at the front entrance of your home for everyone to see! This idea takes some winter apparel and turns it into a cute wreath alternative that can be displayed for the entire winter season, including Christmastime. For a different touch over Christmas, you could add faux presents or holly for a pop of Christmas color.

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