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The holiday festivities and events are right around the corner as we get closer to the Winter season. Between family events, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, life can get pretty busy, which usually means our usual cleaning and organizing tasks get pushed to the side.

So, instead of leaving it for the new year, why not tackle the clutter in your home and get organized to get ahead and have your home looking great before the holidays.

Find Problem Areas 

Maybe it’s your living room or a spare bedroom that has turned into a storage room. Whatever room needs the most attention, focus there first, and tackle the trouble. By identifying the problem areas and coming up with a game plan, you might find that the task becomes less daunting overall. Unload anything you can out of the room, organize what you want to keep, recycle, or donate and clear out the space to regain complete control over your home.

Take It Out 

One great designer tip to keep in mind for the holiday season is this: Before you add any holiday decor to your home, choose a few pieces of your regular, everyday decor to remove first. This method will not only help your room look less cluttered and complete; it gives your holiday decorations a chance to shine. Also, it will provide you with a bit of time to review the decor in your home and see if it needs an overhaul before being tucked away.

Easy Access

One task that can make everything a little easier over the holidays is to keep items you’ll use daily such as wrapping paper or holiday dishes, in an easy and accessible place so you can constantly use them. Rotate the things you don’t need back into storage for the season and bring out any seasonal items you know you can’t be without.

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