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The holiday season has officially arrived, and that means it’s time to break out the Christmas decorations and light the fire for a memorable day of decorating.  One of the best places to decorate for Christmas is around the fireplace, as together the fireplace and the decorations create a cozy, comfortable feeling that lasts all holiday season.

When decorating your fireplace or the surrounding area, you will want to keep decor away from the fireplace’s heat. Also, be sure to move decorations near or in front of the fireplace before turning on the unit.

Evolution Of Style

Rustic Sign Display

If you want a simple look with a huge designer impact, this is the perfect Christmas decoration project for you! You’ll need a few items to construct this sign, most items can be found at your local craft or hardware store, and if you only use the sign for one year, the items can be used separately. This sign will help draw additional attention to your fireplace and will give off a rustic look all season long.  For more information on this decor, please click the photo.

Stone Gable

Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

Farmhouse style has been around for a while; however, it has never really lost its popularity, making it a trend here to stay! It’s no wonder why because, with a mix of old and new items, you end up with a beautiful display that highlights whatever area you are decorating, in this case, your fireplace.  Gather up things you would like to have in your display, in this case, an old window or mirror,  fresh greenery, pinecones, and vintage trinkets. Spend time trying different combinations for your display to find the one that works best for your mantel. For more information on this decor, please click the photo.

The Kim Six Fix

Reindeer Display

Christmas decorations tend to be all about the Christmas tree, Santa and mistletoe, but what about the reindeer?  This beautiful setup uses reindeer for decor inspiration and brings in a layer of light within the garland. To create a magical scene, the whole family will enjoy.  To complete the look, make sure to add some actual items from outside, like branches or fresh greenery. For more information on this decor, please click the photo.

The Craft Patch

Plaid Christmas Garland

This beautiful DIY garland could be displayed in your home with a few materials and a couple hours of free time! This display combines faux green garland, plaid ribbon, and lights to make a beautiful display that will highlight the flickering flames of your fireplace. You can also add accent items to match the garland and create a cohesive theme through your home for the holidays. For more information on this decor, please click the photo.

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  1. The rustic fireplace look that you displayed was definitely my favorite. Looking at this reminds me of my uncle’s cabin that he let us stay in for a few years until he had to sell it, so I can see this being a hit with the rest of the family. I’ll decorate one like this as soon as I find a gas fireplace installation expert that can help me out.

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