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2022 is quickly approaching, but before we celebrate a new year, it’s time to find out the official color of the year, according to Benjamin Moore. The colour chosen for the year is usually predicted to be the most popular in upcoming home designs and can help inspire you if you’re looking for a new color and design in your home.

Benjamin Moore

This year the colour is: October Mist

Benjamin Moore

This beautiful yet calm color brings in a beautiful combination of green and cream that should be easy to work into a current design or make an excellent base for a new design within your home. This warm hue mixes nicely with other neutrals and can be worked into a palette that matches your true style.

This color is an excellent choice for an office or a bedroom where you want to bring in the sense of calm. This color can also make the perfect shade for an accent wall in any room of the house, allowing you to experiment with paint on a smaller scale.

Also, don’t forget to think a little out of the box when painting with October Mist, as it can go hand in hand with other light colours to create a beautiful masterpiece like the mantel shown below.

Benjamin Moore

No matter how you choose to use this year’s colour, don’t be afraid to try something new and bring unique color and a fresh palette into your home.

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