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Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean can be a difficult task on the best of days. This is especially true if your house is fighting against the constant rush of kids, pets, guests, and everyday home traffic. Our first thought is to reach for a store-bought air fresher or spray, to mask the odours in the home, but what if, instead of running to the store, you can make a DIY home deodorizer right in your kitchen with a handful of natural ingredients and only a few minutes of your time.

Not only will your custom deodorizer leave your home with a beautiful smell, but you’ll also be able to enjoy time by your Valor Fireplace as you won’t have to worry about refreshing the house.

To make your natural deodorizer, you will need a few household items:

  • Fruit Of Your Choice (Lemon, Lime, Oranges, Cranberries, Apples, etc)
  • Spices Of Your Choice (Rosemary, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clover, Mint, etc)
  • Tea (Mint, Chamomile, Apple, etc)
  • A Large Pot For Boiling

This is the part where the customization comes in when you’re making a DIY deodorizer. Create about two cups of your custom blend, add it into a large pot, then add water and boil your ingredients together.

Once the mixture hits a boiling point, turn down the heat and simmer everything together on low. You will begin to notice at this point that your scent is starting to waft through the house and will fill the air with your custom deodorizer! You can keep the mixture simmering for hours, adding water to prevent the ingredients from burning (Make sure to keep an eye on it). You can also keep adding items to the pot while it’s simmering for a more intense scent.

A few popular combinations for DIY home deodorizers:

  • Orange peels, nutmeg & cinnamon
  • Earl grey tea Bag (1-2), vanilla & clover
  • Rosemary, lemon, vanilla extract
  • Pine needles (Right from your own backyard), vanilla & nutmeg

The options and combinations are endless! Make sure to get creative and try a new scent every time. When you’re all done, cool your mixture and jar it up so you can use it again. Just follow the exact instructions to recreate your deodorizer!

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