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As technology grows and becomes part of our everyday lives, we have to remember to keep things in perspective and stay as organized as possible. New tech devices, gadgets & more can quickly clutter our desks, making it nearly impossible to remain efficient.

With home offices becoming more common, we want to create a space where the workspace is organized, efficient and distractions are minimized.

Sort Through

  • Sort through the initial layer of papers, gadgets and items on your desk and organize all the items into categories. Decide what is an everyday use item, what can be tossed and which items are simply cluttering your desk.


  • Now that the clutter has been organized, find a place for each item. Move any necessary papers to a labelled file or paper tray, keep the essential electronic out for daily use and consider using a charging dock.


  • Find the ideal place to display your computer, notepad, phone, etc. and ensure that the new setup will optimize how you work. Keep important items at an arms reach and ensure that you are sitting in an area away from distraction.

Keep It Clear

  • So you’ve taken the time and organized your new work space, what’s next? Simply keep it organized and clutter free! One final thought would be to implement a sorting system for new items that appear on your desk to avoid having to organize every few months.
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