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When you find yourself with a busy schedule, it can be hard to keep up with general day-to-day house cleaning. So, in that case, we want to do whatever we can to make the house cleaning process faster and more efficient, right?

Well, one great way to do that is to create your own DIY cleaning wipes that can be used on almost any surface and work as an excellent tool for dusting, wiping and general cleanliness.

Items Needed:

  • A resealable container or recycled wipes container
  • Rags or thin dishcloths
  • All-Purpose cleaning solution
  • Warm water


  1. Start by mixing together 50/50 of warm water and all-purpose cleaner until well combined.
  2. Once the liquid is ready, cut reusable wipes into your desired size and fold into the reusable container.
  3. When the wipes are in the container, pour the liquid mixture over the cleaning cloths and let them soak for at least 1 hour.
  4. These wipes are now ready to use! Use as needed or keep sealed for later use.  Once cloth has been used, they can be machine washed and used again and again.
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