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Spring is just around the corner as we head for March! When the season starts to change, this usually marks a great time to tackle a few home projects to improve your home. These tasks will put you ahead of the game for the new season, and most can be done within a day or two.

Time To Scrub

In a general cleaning routine, the walls and baseboards sometimes get missed. This is a great time to give those walls a good scrub from top to bottom and make sure to pay extra attention to the outlets and switches as they get used often but cleaned rarely.

Dryer Detail

It’s essential to keep the dryer running well and safely because it can be a bit of a fire hazard if not detailed every so often. Take time to clean out the dryer vent, inside and outside, removing all lint from the traps. Vacuum the inside and outside of the dryer to remove any remaining dust.

Window Wash

This is an excellent time of year to tackle window washing as the sun will be shining in more regularly and will show those spots and streaks. Make sure to use a soft cloth for the best results.

Clean The Grill

Grilling season usually starts in the springtime, so now is a great time to clean the barbecue and shake off that winter dust. Take time to clean the grill grates with hot water and soap, the interior and exterior of the barbeque as well. Replace the propane tank if needed, and depending on where the barbecue is stored, consider a cover to keep it dry when not in use.

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