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When you anticipate hosting guests in your home, it can be easy to forget the little details that make your special guests feel welcome as we tend to focus on the big tasks. This can be especially true if you have guests, friends or family staying overnight in your home.

However, it’s not too late to do a few things to welcome your guests before they arrive and ensure they feel welcome and comfortable in your home. By going that extra mile and adding in a few details, they’ll know just how much you care and how much you value the time spent with them.

  1. Get Prepped:  There is nothing worse than rushing around the house, trying to get things done before your guests arrive. Avoid this crazy routine by getting prepped ahead of time, especially when you know your guests’ arrival date. This could mean anything from preparing a room for your guests, making sure linens are washed and ready, or having enough to food to entertain your guests for the duration of their stay. By prepping ahead of time, you will maximize the time to spend with your guests and you’ll have to work a little less hard with a few tasks done ahead of time.
  2. Plan Ahead: Planning ahead for your guest can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring they have a good and comfortable stay. By taking the time to add in small details such as fresh flowers, small toiletries, or even light refreshments such as bottled water, it truly shows how much you care for your visitors. This is also a great time to make sure your guest has access to home items such as the WIFI password, home alarm code, and any other house secrets your visitors may not know on arrival.
  3. Provide Comfort: Last but certainly not least, makes sure your guest or visitors have somewhere cozy to settle into. Whether that is a pull-out couch, guest bedroom, or a simple mattress you can make it feel comfortable by adding in extra blankets and pillows. Make sure to give all the bedding and extras a good wash before and after your visitors leave and you will ensure your guest has a comfortable rest and a great night’s sleep.
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