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As daylight savings has arrived and our evenings stay light for longer, this can only mean one thing: Spring is right around the corner! To prepare for the arrival of Spring, it’s time to get your home prepped from the interior to the exterior, which can feel overwhelming. So, if you want to get started, stay organized by creating a list of everything that needs to be done and dig right in.

  1. Prepare A Garden Plan: While it may feel too early to do any work in the garden, you can check off some prep work by starting to plan. Head out to your yard or garden space and come up with a Spring plan to execute over the next few months. This can be anything from planning out flowers and plantings, checking for repairs to items like fences or garden beds and clearing any debris that may have built up over the Winter. By knocking these basics off the list, you’ll have much less to do going forward.

  2. Consider A Spring Clean: When you think of spring, you may think of Spring cleaning and this is a great way to plan and prepare for the new season!  Now is the time to give the interior of your home the overhaul it’s been waiting for. Take time to deep clean every room in the room, decluttering as you go and taking time to clean in every corner and nook. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel when this large Spring clean is finished.

  3. Check For Repairs: Take some time to do an interior and exterior survey and check out any repairs that may need to be done. The winter season can be harsh on windows, doors and the overall look of the house so now is the time to tackle that list. Keep an eye out for drafts, cracks or any damage that may be apparent on the inside or outside of the home.

  4. Ensure Safety Systems: While you take the time to look over the bigger issues within the home, also consider the safety systems that may need a refresh as well. This would mean checking over your smoke alarms, home security alarm, CO detector and any other system that may be within the home. Check warranties, battery life, and general specs to make sure everything is in working order. This is also a great time to check out your Valor Fireplace remote to make sure it has a fresh set of batteries and that it is working properly.

  5. Kitchen Food Purge: Because it can be easy to forget about the details, make sure to check in on the food within your cupboards and fridge as it may be expiring soon. Reorganize any food items to the front that may be expiring soon so they can be used as soon as possible and make sure to throw out anything past by it’s best before date to start with a clean slate.

  6. Deep Clean Flooring: Lastly, one large area to tackle in the home is the flooring. Whether you choose to deep clean the floor surfaces yourself or hire professionals to give it a clean, it’s important to do this before the spring arrives. Carpet should be shampooed and clean of any debris, while flooring should be dusted and buffed of any damages or scratches. By cleaning the base of your home, you’ll notice how great your space feels as you head into a new season.
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