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Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task that can leave you feeling unmotivated to get started. So, instead of tackling it all at once, why not break it down and tackle the tasks that make the most significant difference. You will find that once you get started, you go above and beyond and end up with a sparkling clean house.

  1. Start With Windows & Mirrors: The best place to start is the areas you end up looking at the most and the sites that reflect light. Start by cleaning all the mirrored surfaces in the house to remove any streaks or marks. Next, wash the windows to remove any dirt or grime and then use a glass cleaner to shine up the surface.

  2. Tackle Surface Dusting: Dusting is essential because it hides in unexpected places and can build up over time. So grab a microfibre cloth and some surface cleaner and get to work. Check common dusty areas such as light fixtures, edges, and tops of cabinets and mirrors.

  3. Sweep & Wash The Floors: Once you’ve tackled the dusting (always do this before floors), it’s time to give the floor surface some fine attention. Start by sweeping up any dirt, particles, or crumbs hiding on the floor and in corners. Then vacuum over that surface to clear any remaining crumbs or dust. Lastly, wash the floors either by hand, with a mop or whatever you prefer. You’ll ensure fantastic results and squeaky clean floors by following this order.

  4. Wipe Down Lights & Ceiling Fans: One area that usually gets missed is the light fixtures and any ceiling fans within the house. Now is the time to clean up these items by following a similar order written above. Dust, wash, spray with surface cleaner and vacuum to clean any extra dust in small areas or nooks.

  5. Clean Microwave & Oven:  Last but certainly not least, two of the most significant problem areas in the house are the oven and the microwave. The stove can usually be self-cleaned but generally will need a good scrub by hand. For the microwave, place a bowl of water with half a lemon and microwave for 5 minutes. Let it sit with the door closed for 5 minutes, and then scrub. By letting the steam cover, the sides of the microwave will loosen food and debris that may be hanging on. Give it one final wipe down to ensure extra clean results.

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