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In today’s real estate market, finding ample space at a reasonable price is almost impossible due to rising costs and the newest micro-living trend. So, this usually means that we end up buying or renting a smaller space and making the best of the situation, which can be a difficult task. Luckily, there are a few ways to make your small space feel larger by tweaking your design plan and choosing the best decor for the room.

  1. Light Colors: When it comes to color selection, it’s important to consider what the colors will do to your current space. When you dealing with a smaller space, it’s always suggested to go with a light color scheme to keep the room from feeling cramped and dark. A neutral palette with a mix of whites and gray’s can really make your room feel spacious and won’t take away from the rest of the room and decor plan. If you are feeling like your missing a bit of drama without dark colors, consider an accent wall or a pop of dark color within your items while still using light colors as your base for the whole room.

  2. Multi Purpose Furniture: Furniture isn’t just for looking at or sitting on anymore, it’s officially time to invest in multi functional pieces for your rooms and home. This is especially true when it comes to smaller homes as you need furniture that will offer you comfort but also some storage or function. Consider items like a storage ottoman, a couch that pull into a comfortable bed or something like a bookshelf that can also act as a seating bench. By putting multi purpose furniture in your smaller space, you will maximize the use of the room and improve the room’s function without sacrificing style.

  3. Larger Decor: It may sound like a contradiction, but larger decor really does make a smaller space feel more grand. This is because smaller groups of small items tend to bring on the feeling of clutter and can make a room feel too full with not much space left to go around. So instead of choosing a few small pieces, pick one or two larger pieces of decor to make a statement in your room without taking over the whole look and feel of the space.  This is also a great way to create a focal point for your room, without overpowering the entire design.

  4. Utilize Natural Light: Natural light plays a huge part in making a room feel big, which means you want to highlight any natural light you can get. So, if you have a window within your small space, make sure to highlight it well and try not to crowd it with decor so you are able to get as much light as possible throughout the room. When your deciding on window coverings, go with a light and airy curtain rather than a heavier more formal style to maximize the natural light and make it feel like it’s flowing throughout the whole room.

  5. Decorate With Mirrors & Glass: Last but not least, stick to the cardinal rule that mirrors in a small space will make the room feel much larger. Consider a large or decorative mirror for your small space, positioning it in a place where it will get the most reflection of the light in the room. Also, when your picking decor items try to find objects with a clear or open glass look as they can help the room feel larger and will help you avoid crowding the room.
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