Dark Light

When you have a modern design scheme, it can be easy to go for cool shades and neutrals, which take away from warm tones. But you can bring in the warmth in lamps, decor items and certain color tones that really help warm up the space.

Wood Warmth

There is something about the texture and the look of wood that instantly gives us the feeling of warmth. So, in a room that feels cold, try adding in wood wherever possible, whether that means going big with a wood accent wall or going small with wooden home decor. You can also consider using wood furniture in your space for maximum effect.

Fireplace Focus

If you happen to have a Valor Gas Fireplace in your home, it’s essential to make it the focus of the roo to help spread the feeling of warmth. Because a warm fireplace is so cozy already, you won’t have to do too much to bring the heat in. But it does help to make sure you have comfortable furniture surrounding the fireplace, so everyone has a warm place to gather no matter what time of day.

If you don’t have a Valor, contact a local dealer today to feel the warmth.

Layer It Up

The number one thing you usually layer up with when you’re cold is to throw on a sweater and jacket. So, when we bring warmth into a room, we can apply the same concept and layer items to make the living space feel warm. This can be anything from layering blankets over the arm of the couch or layering curtains to give the room a feeling of extra luxurious warmth.

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