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Creating a space might be easy, but making it feel inviting or welcoming can be tricky. This is because it can be easy to furnish and organize a room to your liking, but it is likely that within that process, you can forget to add certain things to the room that will make it appear comfortable while looking designer. So, the critical thing to learn is to find a balance between your design scheme and creating an inviting space that will encourage guests and family to relax.

Tip # 1 Create A Welcoming Entrance

When it comes to our home, the entrance will always set the tone for the entire space. So, when it comes to creating an inviting home, you really need to take a good look at your entrance and make it feel welcoming. Whether you choose to add in a sitting bench, coat storage, a happy sign that welcomes guests or just some flattering lighting, these little touches go a long way. Also, it’s essential to consider that it shouldn’t just be welcoming for guests but for yourself and your family, so think about what that means to you. Add in those comforts and items you want when you first walk in the door to create the best entrance.

Tip # 2 Consider Adding In Plants

Plants have a unique talent for making any room or space feel lived in and comfortable. This is because the natural hues that plants bring in can remind the brain to relax and enjoy the area just like you would if you were stepping outside. So, don’t be afraid to add plants into your home, whether you like tall, leafy house plants or a small arrangement of succulents. Because no matter what you choose, these little pops of green and natural colors will encourage everyone who enters to relax and rest.

Tip # 3 Ensure Your Seating Is Comfortable

Providing comfortable seating should seem like a no-brainer when you want to create an inviting space, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the design. So, when choosing furniture for a room, consider who will be using it and how it will appear. While you want it to look great within the home, you also want to make sure it isn’t a showpiece that seems more like artwork and less like a place to rest and recharge.

Tip #4 Provide Comfort Items

Choosing and providing a few comfort items to have in the home’s main spaces can really make for an inviting area. This can be anything from floor pillows to blankets, and you can take the time to find ones that really gel well with your existing design plan. Make these items readily available in a basket or display area so family and guests can grab them at a moment’s notice and feel comfortable within your home.

Tip #5 Declutter

Lastly, consider the amount of clutter you have around regularly. Do you find yourself with a stack of bills lying around or paperwork waiting to be tucked away? While this clutter is small, it can really take away from the feeling of the home and instantly can replace the inviting feel with a type of unneeded stress that you don’t want to see. So, to combat this, create a system to declutter regularly and deal with things that may be lying around. This will keep you more organized, but it will also help you relax at the end of a long hard day or week.

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