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Technology is forever improving and changing as the years go by, and it seems that you can find a piece of technology almost everywhere you go. So, to keep up with it all, why not install a few things that will improve your home’s technology and make daily tasks a little more efficient.

The options are endless, from thermostats to lighting control, and you might find that life gets a little easier with these systems in place.

Voice Assistant

These little hubs are popping up everywhere from companies such as Google, Amazon, and Samsung! You can have an assistant in your home who can provide you with up-to-date details such as the weather, the news, personal reminders, or even make a hands-free phone call. It can also research almost anything and help you with a recipe or ingredient list while you’re looking in the fridge or working at the stove. It will not only help you be more efficient and save time each day, but you’ll also always have someone to talk to.

Smart Thermostat

It can be frustrating when the house feels too cold or hot, and you must adjust the thermostat repeatedly to find the right temperature. So instead, why not consider a smart thermostat to keep your home’s temperature perfectly catered to you with the click of a button. These smart thermostats allow you to change temperatures on the go, access the whole system from your phone and preset custom temperatures for different times in the day.

Dimmer Switches

While dimmer switches may seem like a simple technology, they can be a considerable upgrade from a standard light switch. Updating all the switches in your home to dimmer switches gives you control over how each room is lit, and you can adjust it as you prefer. This is an easy way to upgrade your home with just a few changes.

Smart Lightbulbs

To go hand in hand with your new dimmer switches, consider installing smart lightbulbs all around your home. These lightbulbs install into the lights as regular lightbulbs but allow you to control all your lighting needs from your phone. If you’re out, you can turn the lights on before you get home and sometimes even have music play from the same lightbulb as you enter the home. You can customize how you like the lighting and have it automatically adjust as the day goes on.

Video Doorbell

Lastly, if you want extra security in your home but don’t want a complete home security system,  a video doorbell may be the perfect option for your home. When you have a video doorbell, you can install it just outside your door, just as you do with a standard doorbell, and you can have an entire look at who comes and goes. You can check the video from many devices, including your phone, and speak through the unit to your visitor if you can’t get to the door immediately.

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