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Glass jars are standard in a typical household, whether jam jars or pickle jars. Once empty, these glass containers can be super helpful around the house for storage, organization, and decoration! You’ll need a few glass jars for these projects, but the result will leave you with a recycled yet beautiful look.

Flower Vase

When you don’t have a vase on hand or want to reuse and recycle, glass jars make the absolute perfect vessel for holding freshly picked flowers, whether you have a bouquet of red roses or a single white daisy waiting to be displayed. You can add to the look of your blooms by filling the glass jar about half full with rocks, shells or gems to give your display that extra designer touch.

Small Item Storage

One of the best uses for glass jars is collecting small, similar items and storing them all together, so they will be easy to find and easy to access anytime. You can store any items from the pantry, such as flour and sugar, or you could use them to collect small items such as hair clips and pens; there is no limit on what these little jars can keep organized. Using jars to organize clutter can be a great way to help your home feel a little lighter and more put together.

Little Things

Jar Chandelier

Lastly, if you are feeling up for tackling a DIY project, you might consider making yourself a beautiful mason jar light fixture for a custom show-stopping piece that you can display in the home for years to come. Now, you will need some power tools and a few materials, but the result is a unique fixture with a touch of rustic charm. To learn more about this project, click here.

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