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Now that September is in full swing, it reminds us that winter is quickly approaching. So, before the cold and snowy conditions hit, why not tackle a list of to-dos around the home? These tasks are a great way to set yourself up for an easier Winter, and you can spend more time curled up in front of the fireplace and less time outside in the cold.

  1. Inside & Out Clean: This is a fantastic time to give the inside and outside of the home a deep clean to prepare for the seasons ahead. Take time to wash, clean, and repair anything that needs attention outside the home. As for the interior, this is a great time to deep clean the whole house and get a fresh start heading into winter.

  2. Wash Bedding: Over the next few months, you will use more blankets, heavier sheets and duvets. So, now is the time to wash all the bedding and blankets, so you have one less thing to worry about later. This is also a great time to store away any light bedding or blanket you won’t use over the winter.

  3. Heating Tune-Up: September is the perfect month to look at your home’s heating system and ensure everything is in working order for the colder months. Whether you have a fireplace or a furnace, set aside time to tune everything before the freezing temperatures hit! For more information on fireplace maintenance, click here or contact your local authorized Valor dealer.

  4. Laundry Maintenance:  It’s easy to forget that the appliances that clean our clothes also need cleaning. This is an excellent time of year to give your washer and dryer some love and get them cleaned up and repaired. This is a great time to clean out both machines by using the vacuum to remove debris or dust and wipe out any residue.

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