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Blue can be an intimidating color to work with because it can be so bold and act as the center of attention in your home. When decorating with blue, it’s essential to balance this fun, exciting color and the rest of your home’s design. Ideally, you want to add blue or any bold color in small doses to see how you like it and go from there. Keep reading to find out how you can decorate your home with the color blue.



If you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, why not do something different and go with blue cabinetry? We love the idea of mixing a solid color like blue with neutrals such as white or grey to give this exciting color some balance. In this photo above, you can see that the blue island pops nicely against the white cabinetry but still blends well with the rest of the kitchen.


Decorative Accents

A great way to bring the color blue into a home on a smaller scale is to do so with decorative accents. This can be anything from pillows, blankets, coffee table books or even lamps! The options are endless, and by starting small, you can see how much color your room needs and you can add or take away items as needed.


Window Covering

Finding the right window covering for your space can be challenging, especially regarding color. However, if you’re ready to bring a pop of blue into your home, this is a perfect way to bring in an exciting new color. Adding blue patterned or solid curtains will bring¬†in a touch of exciting color without completely disrupting your home’s design. This slight change will make a huge difference and spread the beautiful color around the house.


Accent Wall

Lastly, when you want to go big with color but are unsure, why not go with an exciting accent wall that will become the centre point of the whole room? Going big and bold will bring a designer touch to your home and a pop of color that will grab everyone’s attention!

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