Dark Light

Mixing candles within your decor scheme is one of the best ways to add a layer of light and calm ambiance to your home. Adding candles to the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom allows you to change the whole feel of the space simply by having them displayed. Once a candle is lit, the room suddenly feels warm and cozy, especially if you have your Valor Fireplace on a cold winter’s evening.

Allow For Reflection

The beautiful light from a flickering flame can be accented when displayed in front of a mirror or placed on a mirrored surface. Consider a grouping of candles on your bathroom counter or in your front hall entranceway for a significant impact and an inviting look.

Three’s Company

If you want to display a group of candles in your home, the rule of thumb should be to display them in threes. This creates a balanced look and can help avoid a cluttered feel when decorating with other items. Now, if you don’t love the idea of a group of candles, consider displaying your favorite candle as a stand-alone piece.

Branch Out

There are many types of candles and candle holders on the market, and the options are endless. When you display candles around the home, you may want to consider choosing a different candle style for each room to provide variety. You can also consider mixing a unique candle with a plain holder or vice versa to create a balanced look.

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