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Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean can be challenging, depending on your household size. This is especially true if you have kids or pets who tend to bring in new smells. So, what can you do to conquer the smell?

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Stovetop Potpourri

This idea uses ingredients you most likely have around the house and the stove. You simply pick a few of your favourite edible ingredients with a scent you love and add them into a small saucepan with one cup of water. A few popular combinations you may want to try:  vanilla, apples & cinnamon, orange, clove & cinnamon, or even lemon & lavender. You can combine almost anything to create your custom smell that will waft around the home.

Light & Oil

Would you believe regular light bulbs can help make your home smell amazing? All you will need is a high-grade essential oil in the scent of your choice and a standard lamp. Apply 1-2 drops of the essential oil to the top of the light bulb and turn on the lamp. Ensure to apply oil only when the lamp has been turned off, and the lightbulb is cold. Once the light is on for a little while, you’ll start to notice the scent in the air.

Coffee & Candles

 Lastly, if you love the smell of coffee, you can bring that beautiful aroma without actually making coffee. Simply choose a candle and holder to use and surround the outside of the candle with coffee beans. Once you light the candle and it starts to warm up, you will notice the aroma of coffee drifting through the house.

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