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Storms and power outages can be quite common depending on where you live and what’s worse is when bad weather hits you know the lights are going to go out and the heat will be close behind. If you happen to be the owner of a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace you already know that your Valor is prepared for any storm no matter the size as your fireplace unit will run without a power source.

This is because every Valor Fireplace comes equipped with heaters that will run and circulate radiant heat around your home evenly, without the use of electricity keeping the whole family warm.


One of the most important things you’ll need in a power outage is a source of light to help you make your next move. Start by gathering several sources of lights such as flashlights, glow-sticks, candles, and matches. Store these items in a marked and accessible box, so there is no scrambling when it comes time to use them and to go the extra step, label the box and the lights with a glow in the dark sticker or paint so you can find them in a hurry.


It’s really important to have your power provider’s phone number somewhere easy and accessible for when the power goes out. Create an emergency contact list that can live somewhere visible such as the refrigerator door. This way all of your important numbers are in one place in case an emergency strikes and you should also consider adding the following numbers to this list: an emergency contact, local hospital, doctor’s office, and your child’s school phone number.

Emergency Kit

Creating an emergency kit is important as you never know when something might go wrong and this can be a great project for the whole family to do together and it will help everyone stay informed in case a storm or outage hits. Some suggested emergency kit items are flashlights, a first aid kit, food and water, a cell phone car charger, blankets, and an emergency contact list. Put your kit in a spot where everyone can grab it at a moments notice and also consider one for the car.

What are your preparedness tips when it comes to storms or power outages? Share them with us below!

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