• Fireplace Safety

    Fireplace Safety Tips

    Before we begin we should note that fireplace surfaces, in particular, the glass viewing window, are extremely hot during operation and will remain hot for a period of time after the fireplace is turned off. Please ensure your fireplace has cooled before inspecting the unit. Barrier Screens – Included with Every Purchase Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Install an approved aftermarket safety barrier gate (as shown above) to keep toddlers, young children, and at-risk individuals a safe distance from the fireplace. Important Tips to Remember Keep furniture, draperies and other objects at least 36″ clear from the front of the fireplace. Keep…

  • Fireplace Safety

    How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

    Well, as we enjoy the last bit of our Summer holiday’s and soak up the sun, that can only mean one thing: Fall is right around the corner. In fact, according to our calendars the first day of Fall arrives on September 22nd, which means we need to get our homes ready for the upcoming cooler months. This is a great time to tackle some projects and to do list items before we arrive officially into the new season. So what’s on your list? Well, once you have created a small list of things to do before Fall, compare it with our points below and see if you missed anything.…

  • 3 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe Around The Fireplace
    Fireplace Safety

    3 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe Around The Fireplace

    Pet safety around the fireplace may not be your first thought, as most times we just assume that our cat or dog will know better. But most pets will let the curiosity get the best of them and check out the flickering flames of a fireplace.  Now, if you plan to purchase or already own a Valor Fireplace, you may already know about the safety barrier that is included with every fireplace purchased after January 1st, 2015. Valor barrier screens protect the whole family, all the way down to our furry friends from the glass and heat of the fireplace. However, it is important to know what else you can do…

  • Home Safety Tips
    Fireplace Safety

    Home Safety Tips

    Valor wants to ensure that all of our customers remain safe when operating their gas fireplaces, and to help we have developed a list of home safety tips. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that fireplace surfaces such as the glass window are extremely hot during operation (over 500°F at full capacity!). When you turn your fireplace off, that glass window and surrounding areas will remain hot for a period of time so please ensure caution when small children, pets or guests are in the room. Valor suggests close adult supervision during operation times and the use of a physical barrier like a Cardinal Versagate. Valor’s Home Safety Tips…

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    Barrier Screens

    Valor Barrier screens, included with the purchase of any Valor fireplace, have been factory equipped since January 2013 – complying with the CSA standards a full 2 years in advance of requirements. Valor did not want to sit back and wait, we wanted to show that safety is just as, if not more important than the glowing flames within each fireplace. Will the screen affect the flames & heat performance? One of the initial concern of adding screens to a fireplace was that they would hide the stunning bricks, liners, logs and flames within. Luckily the Valor barrier screens have been developed with fine mesh that allows both the radiant…

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    Maintaining Your Valor Fireplace

    With each Valor gas fireplace comes an important step of routine maintenance for things like glass cleaning. We want to ensure that each fireplace user is fully aware of all of the features and maintenance required to maximize the service life of your fireplace. By scheduling routine maintenance, you ensure a safer and more efficient fireplace for your family for years to come! Maintaining Your Fireplace A fireplace surface, especially the glass viewing window, become extremely hot during operation. At full capacity a Valor gas fireplace can get over 500°F and will remain hot even after the fireplace is turned off for a period of time. All Valor models now…

  • Fireplace Safety

    Valor Fireplaces & Safety

    Valor Fireplaces have a strong commitment to the safety and comfort of your whole family. So, when you purchase a Valor Fireplace, you can rest assured that your safety will be the number one priority. Valor ensures that every unit meets the highest safety standards and that each fireplace sold will be a perfect fit for your home and family life.  One way that Valor puts your safety first, is by offering protective screen barriers with every fireplace unit sold after January 2013. These screens are necessary as the fireplace glass window can heat up and stay hot for a period of time even after begin turned off. This way if you have…

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    No Power, No Problem: Keeping Warm With A Valor

    If you are already a Valor Fireplace owner, you might have heard of the phrase “No Power, No Problem” before! One of the key features included with each Valor unit is the ability to run and heat your fireplace even when the power goes out. Over the last few years in North America, storms have appeared in all shapes and sizes taking out the electricity and heat down as it goes. In fact just last year, part of eastern Canada and the USA were hit by intensely cold winds and strong weather conditions that knocked out power for long stretches of times for homeowners and businesses. Owning a Valor gas…

  • No Power, No Problem - Valor Fireplaces
    Fireplace Safety

    3 Ways To Prep Before The Power Goes Out

    There is nothing worse than being unprepared for a power outage when a storm or bad weather hits. Usually, a storm will sneak up on us and before we know it the lights are out and the heat is close behind. In fact, just last week in Calgary, Alberta almost 18,0000 homes were left without power. If you are a Valor owner you already know that your Valor Fireplace is prepared for any  storm or outage as it will run without power. This is because every Valor unit comes equipped with heaters that will run and circulate the heat around your home, without the use of electricity. However, you should still make…