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While researching which fireplace suits your home the best, it is important to note that there are two types of gas fireplace products to choose from – decorative and performance-based.

Decorative Fireplaces/Heaters

Decorative fireplaces, such as electric or LED heaters, are installed primarily for visual appeal but in fact, provide very little heat. Most don’t offer a look that would come close to a realistic firebox and flame but do offer an easy installation by plugging right into a standard wall outlet.

Decorative Heater
Decorative Heater

Performance Fireplaces

Performance-based fireplaces are both aesthetically pleasing in design and “heater-rated”, engineered to effectively heat your living space. All Valor fireplaces are designed with performance as the primary objective. We take pride in providing you with a reliable, easy-to-control, radiant gas heater that will last for many years to come. Realistic, ceramic logs and rocks combined with the stunning flames within offer realism that decorative heaters simply can’t.

Realistic, ceramic rocks & logs with stunning flames

Valor gas fireplaces radiate heat directly from the flame and fuel bed, through the glass, distributing steady, even warmth. Directly warming people, walls, and objects in the room is what makes radiant heat unique – compared to hot air systems (furnaces, heat pumps) which inefficiently pump air into several room spaces without directly heating objects that reside in those spaces.

For more information on Valor gas fireplaces, please visit our Product Overview page and discover a Valor today.

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