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When the Summer months arrive, we tend to add Summer inspired decor and lighter designs into our homes to reflect the bright time of year and the sunshine. So, if you want to take that one step further, why not give your Valor Fireplace a Summer update and change the interior look to reflect the hotter months – all while keeping with a modern look within your home. Keep reading to find out about the changes you can make to your Valor Fireplace. Keep in mind we always suggest that any fireplace maintenance or updating is performed by an authorized Valor dealer.

Herringbone Liner – Available for the H5 & H6 Series

Valor’s herringbone liner is the perfect add-on to make your fireplace stand out and bring a modern touch to the inside of your unit.  This liner brings in a unique, eye-catching pattern to the fireplace and will help reflect the flickering flames of the fire while it keeps you warm and toasty. This liner can be used within the H5 and H6 models.

Pebble Beach Driftwood

This west coast log and rock set for your Valor Fireplace brings the feeling of the beach and relaxation into your home. The rustic appearance of the driftwood and the smooth look of the rocks make the perfect combination and really help create an eye-catching look that draws your eye to the flames within the fireplace.  We love this combination for the spring and summer months as it brings in a lighter look for your fireplace and really adds a new design to your existing fire. You can play off this design by adding beach-inspired decor into the home to really complete the look and bring a little bit of summer home.

This set can be installed within the H5 and H6 models. For more information, please visit here.

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