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The successful H3 gas fireplace has been upgraded to the new K series engine that is compatible with Valor HeatShift. Enjoy the peace of mind that surrounding walls, artwork, electronics, and construction materials stay cool and protected.

The upgrade provides even more design flexibility for the H3 than ever before.


New HeatShift Options for the H3

The H3 is a smaller fireplace compared to the H5 and H6 models and will offer a unique HeatShift setup in comparison. The H3 will take the new 30″ plenum with 4″ collars, along with the 30″ frame finishing frame. The LDK11 (4″ liners and clamps) complete the installation.

Please note that LDK8 kit (30″ plenum) is the only HeatShift option for use with the H3 if HeatShift is to be implemented. There are no valance or side wall options available.


H3 HeatShift Components

To complete an H3 with HeatShift installation you will need the following:

  • LDK 8 – 30″ plenum and 4″ takeoff collars.
  • LDK10 – 30″ frame in white.
  • LDK11 – Two 10′ x 4″ liners (and clamps).

For a complete overview of the system, read through the newly created Planning and Installation: HeatShift for the H3 manual.


Learn More

To learn more, visit valorfireplaces.com/h3 or the updated HeatShift page.

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