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Remote Control Handset Location

Having trouble maintaining a set temperature within the home? It could be the location of your remote control handset. The handset is the temperature sensing device, like a thermostat, meaning temperature regulation of the fireplace can be effected by the location of the handset.

For example, If the handset is mounted on an outside wall, the cold will cause the handset to increase the fireplace temperature. If the handset is exposed to sun at certain times of day through a window, the handset will give a false reading as well.

Finding the “Comfort Zone”

Ideally your remote control handset should be in the vicinity of your fireplace or living space, and away from the areas mentioned above that could effect the temperature settings. The wall holder can house your remote near the fireplace providing optimal control.

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For more information on Valor remote controls, including product compatibility and manuals, visit our remote control page on our website

For further information on your fireplace and remote control options visit the newly created “Getting Started” page at valorfireplaces.com/tips.

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