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Valor wants to ensure that all of our customers remain safe when operating their gas fireplaces and to help we have developed a list of home safety tips.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that fireplace surfaces such as the glass window are extremely hot during operation (over 500°F at full capacity!). When you turn your fireplace off, that glass window and surrounding areas will remain hot for a period of time so please ensure caution when small children, pets, or guests are in the room. Valor suggests close adult supervision during operation times.

A Cardinal Versagate separates any small children or pets from the fireplace
A Cardinal Versagate separates any small children or pets from the fireplace

Valor’s Home Safety Tips

  • Valor Barrier Screens – All Valor gas fireplaces have been factory equipped with barrier screens since 2013, but if you don’t have one we suggest contacting your local authorized Valor dealer who will be able to further assist you.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance From Hot Surfaces – We recommend placing furniture, draperies and other objects at least 36″ from the front of the fireplace.
  • Remote Control Handset Placement – Ensure the remote is out of reach of children. A wall mount kit is included with your purchase.
  • Glass Remains Hot – As talked about above, the glass will remain hot even after the fireplace has been turned off for a period of time.
  • Schedule Routine Maintenance – Scheduling routine maintenance checks with a local Valor dealer helps to ensure safe, effective use of your fireplace. This will also help increase the expected service life of your fireplace.

Barrier Screen & Safety Gate Video

To learn more about Valor barrier screens and aftermarket gates, please watch the video below:

For more information on fireplace home safety, please click here.

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