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Let’s face it, our gas fireplace gets far less use in the Summer months compared to the Fall/Winter seasons and that makes total sense. However, just because it happens to be a sunny time of year it doesn’t mean that your gas fireplace needs to be ignored. You can still enjoy and use your fireplace over the summer and give it a little extra attention before winter arrives.

Valor H3 gas fireplace.

Maintenance & Cleaning

While you’re in the offseason for your fireplace, it is a great time to spend some time cleaning and performing maintenance to make sure your unit is in great shape for the Winter months. Now, if you happen to own a Valor Fireplace you can give your unit a detail clean by cleaning the glass window, barrier screens and even the firebox instructions can be found here. If your fireplace needs a little more detailed maintenance this is a fantastic time of year to call in a professional and get a quote.

Valor H5 gas fireplace shown outdoors.

Stay Warm

Even in during the warm Summer season, the evenings can get chilly and we can see some dreary, cloudy days which means it is the perfect weather to switch on your Valor Gas Fireplace and bring back the warmth with radiant heat.

Valor LX2 3-Sided Gas Fireplace.

Feature It

Even if you find yourself keeping the fireplace off for most of the Summer, there is no reason why you can’t make it the start feature of the living room even without the flames. The Summer months are a great time to change up the decor around the fireplace and really help it stand out without having to turn it on. If you happen to own a Valor LX2 3-sided or corner fireplace, you’ll also be able to turn on the interior lights within the fireplace to highlight the whole unit without having to use the heat.

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