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Pet safety around the fireplace may not be your first thought, as most times, we assume that our cat or dog will know better. But most pets will let curiosity get the best of them and check out the flickering flames of a fireplace, which means we have to ensure their safety. Now, if you plan to purchase or own a Valor Fireplace, you may already know about the safety barrier that comes with every fireplace purchased after January 1st, 2015.

Valor barrier screens protect the whole family, all the way down to our furry friends, from the glass and heat of the fireplace. However, knowing what else you can do to keep your pet safe around your home fireplace is essential.


Giving your pet direction and training regarding fireplace safety is super important as it’s an instinct for them to be curious about new areas and items in the house. Encourage your pet to stay a safe distance away by placing a bed or blanket at the appropriate length away and rewarding them for sitting or sleeping in the designated safe area.


Another excellent tip for fireplace safety with pets is ensuring playtime never takes place near the fireplace. Always avoid throwing toys in the direction of your gas fireplace, as it will encourage your pet to get closer to the hot fireplace glass. Adding this simple action into your daily routine will give your pet the freedom to have fun while staying safe and away from the heat and fire.

Keep Watch

When you flip on your fireplace for warmth and comfort, ensure your pet is away from the area. It’s essential to keep a close eye on all little furry friends in the house, as it can be easy for them to sneak over and check things out.

For more information on fireplace safety, please visit here.

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