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Well, as we enjoy the last bit of our Summer holidays and soak up the sun, that can only mean one thing: Fall is right around the corner. In fact, according to our calendars, the first day of Fall arrives on September 22nd, which means we need to get our homes ready for the upcoming colder months. This is a great time to tackle some projects and to-do list items before we arrive officially into the new season.

So what’s on your list? Well, once you have created a small list of things to do before Fall, compare it with our points below and see if you missed anything.

Clean Your Valor Fireplace:

This is a great time to clean out and prepare your Valor Fireplace for the upcoming colder months.  It is suggested that you clean your fireplace a few times a year, and as the seasons change, this is a great time to check things out and see if anything needs to be fixed up or adjusted. At this time, it’s also essential to clean the glass, barrier screens, trim and even the glass beads that sit inside your fireplace. For more information and for the full instructions on how to clean your fireplace, please visit here.

Clean Your Gutters:

The gutters surrounding your home can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to cleaning and upkeep. So to combat that, make sure to include gutter cleaning on your to-do list for the Fall season to make sure they’re ready for the upcoming colder months. You can either hire a service to do this for you, or it can be done DIY as well. It’s suggested to clean your gutters of any leaves, build up and debris so that they are clear and ready for the next season.

Store Away Fans & Air Conditioners: 

If you have fans or air conditioners in different rooms of your home, this is a great time to start dismantling them and storing them for the Winter.  This can be done at a gradual pace, by taking down air conditioning units and fans as the temperatures outside start to cool. Start with items in the most unused rooms, such as a second bedroom or office and began preparing them for the upcoming Fall season. Also, this is a great time to ensure any heaters or heating devices are working well within these rooms, so everyone will keep warm as the temperatures drop.

Test Safety Devices:

Do you have smoke alarms, home alarms or CO detectors in your home? Well, this is a great time to do a yearly check-up to make sure everything is working as it should. Change batteries in any home items that need it and make sure all systems are working well and also check the expiry on any detectors around your home. Make sure to write down what you’ve updated and fixed, so you can refer back to that information when needed.  This will ensure your home is extra safe for the coming months and will give you one less thing to think about for the year to come.

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