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Valor H3 gas fireplace shown with Birch logs and Herringbone liner.

We are happy to announce the all-new H3 gas fireplace as an addition to our Horizon product family. The H3 offers a slim engine design that’s engineered for new construction installs, or the growing trend to remove and replace outdated, inefficient wood and gas fireplaces. We’ve created a relaxing, radiant fire within the firebox that will create a beautiful ambiance in any living space.

With three unique fuel beds, seven liners, and four fronts, the H3 can accommodate any design style while providing efficient, radiant warmth.

H3 Media Options

The H3 introduces a number of new aesthetics including the all-new Birch Logs (1000BLK), a Brushed Champagne front (1041FSCB) and new backing plates. Check out all of the new additions to the H3 below:

Fuel Bed Options

Liner Options

Front Options

Learn More

To learn more about the Valor H3 Series – including efficiency information, specs and more please visit valorfireplaces.com/h3.

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