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We are happy to announce upgraded L2, L1 See-Thru, and L1 fireplaces for 2020. The new engines incorporate the Valor 10 remote system, V-Class burner technology, an adjustable air shutter, and new front & media options.


Introducing Valor 10 WiFi controls

Select Valor gas fireplaces now offer the ability to control your fireplace from the all-new Valor 10 remote app, available for iOS and Android devices. Take full control of your fireplace with intuitive and interactive options – including the ability to program your fireplace, set a countdown timer, and integrate child safety locks.

The Valor 10 remote app is available on fireplaces that are compatible with the GV60WiFi system which includes the Valor 10 remote control and a WiFi receiver box.

Compatible Valor Fireplaces

Fireplaces that are compatible with the Valor 10 WiFi system include:

To learn more about the Valor 10 WiFi system, click here.


Improvements & Media Upgrades

New Valor linear engines will now utilize the recently introduced Valor 10 remote control. The remote offers two-way communication and tactile buttons for improved user feedback. New features include childproofing, a countdown timer and improvements to other functions such as operation and program modes.

Birch log sets for linear fireplaces are now available. The birch logs offer a relaxing, radiant fire within the firebox that will create a beautiful ambiance in any living space.

To go along with the introduction of the birch log set, a new stacked stone liner is now available. The stack stone liner compliments the fire to create a vibrant flame picture and looks great whether the unit is on or off.

To go along with the changes listed above, we will now be offering a new 1″ clean install front on all linear models. The CIK’s offer an improved fine mesh design and the ability to have wall finishes applied and butted directly up to the outer frame.

Please note that the Valor HeatShift System IS REQUIRED when installing the CIK front.

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