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The HeatShift™ System brochure has been updated for 2017 with a number of important changes. Incorporated is a new visual design used on recent brochure updates, while also including these important updates:

  • New room setting examples showcasing the different venting applications – including wall valance. See images below for examples.
  • Updated and organized content throughout for a clearer picture of the overall system and application methods.
  • Line drawings of different venting applications based on HeatShift™ components.
  • Simplified line drawing and explanation of system – incorporated HeatShift temperature gauge.
  • New line drawings for wall/valance outlet and side outlets on spec page.

Installation Examples

L3 Linear Series shown with Driftwood, 1 Inch Surround and HeatShift System.
L2 Linear Series shown with Driftwood, 1 Inch Surround and the Valor HeatShift System behind wall valance.
H6 Series with Pebble Beach Driftwood, Fluted Black liner and 1 Inch Black Fixed Frame. HeatShift features 38 Inch plenum with Finishing Frame.
An overview of the Valor HeatShift System

View & Download

To view and download the new brochure, please click here or visit the updated HeatShift™ webpage.

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