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The Valor Home Professionals portal has been updated with all new imagery, improved layout and content, as well as updating the download to include the latest spec information. This section is ideal for professionals wishing to learn more about our products,
product features and the HeatShift™ system.

Create the perfect environment for your clients

Since 1890 Valor has been pioneering and perfecting radiant heat technology. While most fireplaces blow heated air into the room, ours gently heat everything in the area – people, furniture, walls – generating a constant, comfortable warmth that remains even after the gas is turned off.

Our fireplaces provide more than just a good-looking flame in a frame. They also deliver cost efficient, reliable heat your clients will love and appreciate.

The right heat, in the right place

Our unique HeatShift™ system transfers excess heat upwards through hidden ducts and back into the room, completely bypassing the wall and surface areas above the fireplace. This opens up your design options and gives you the freedom to use a wider array of materials.

To learn more about HeatShift™, please visit valorfireplaces.com/features/heatshift

Learn more, sign up & receive your download

Get gain instant access to product manuals, specs and more visit valorfireplaces.com/pros and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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