Map of multiple pings of Valor Gas Fireplace Dealers

New & Improved Dealer Locator

Map of multiple pings of Valor Gas Fireplace Dealers

As part of a continual effort to improve the digital services offered, Valor is happy to announce a large scale change to the Find Your Dealer section of the website. Changes include:

  • Pins: The map will present the user with pins on the map to show dealer locations. Click the pins to learn more, get directions or contact the dealer.
  • Improved geo-location: The locater will automatically be able to tell your location and provide results within the map (via a pin) or in a list below the map.
  • New search options: Users can now search via city, province/state, direct address or postal/zip. If a dealer is not within one of those areas, the closest dealers will be shown.
  • User choice: Customers can click on the plus or minus arrows on the map to expand or change their results screen. Drag the screen around to find more choices if needed.
  • Mobile friendly: Easily access the map and dealer locations on your phone or tablet.

Try it Now!

Use the all new Find a Dealer page by visiting

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