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Valor Fireplaces pledges its commitment to ensuring and protecting the privacy of all customers and visitors to our internet site.

Valor Fireplaces does not collect personal information about any visitors who browse our site, nor share or sell such information with any third parties, affiliates or business partners. We may log the number of visits to our site for internal statistical purposes and may measure the number of visitors to our site pages for general improvement of our site. Such statistical information would be presented for review in non-identifiable form.

In certain situations, such as a request for specific information, technical assistance, dealer follow-up, or when submitting a product warranty card, you may be required to provide personal information. To expedite such customer-initiated communications we will ask for your name, address, phone number or email address and such additional information as applicable to the request or inquiry. Any such information as you provide will be used only as specified or for the purpose of responding to your request or inquiry.

Concerning an inquiry or request for technical assistance you may request that a Valor Fireplaces representative contact you and you may be asked to provide some additional information to accommodate such contact. Likewise you may request being contacted by an authorized Valor dealer and accordingly, you may be asked for additional information to accommodate such contact. Any such information provided will only be used for the purpose of such contact.

All Valor products are sold and serviced through our authorized dealer network. Therefore, we never collect or store credit card or other customer financial information on our web servers.

This site may contain links to other websites over which Valor Fireplaces has no control. This Privacy Policy covers only this site and Valor Fireplaces is not responsible for the website privacy practices of any third parties. We recommend that you read the privacy policy terms and conditions for each third party site you visit.