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When it boils down to it, details are essential. So when it comes to a finished product, whether you’re working on your garden or deciding on a new look for your home, we always look to achieve the perfect fit. Even more so, finding a product that offers you a ton of customization in a comfortable and simplified way can be challenging. So how does this apply when we are looking into purchasing a gas fireplace, or specifically a Valor gas fireplace?

Valor fireplaces offer several different customization options, as there can be lots of little details that add up to you getting the fire of your dreams.

L1 Linear shown with birch logs and a glass liner.


When it comes to the look of my fireplace, what areas can I customize?

From the exterior of the firebox to the inner flame, Valor provides a range of styles and designs with the goal to create the most efficient and enjoyable fire on the market.

Customers can customize both the exterior and interior of the fireplace to match their lifestyle. Choose from a variety of different fronts and surrounds or change the look of the liners and logs. And don’t forget, if you ever get tired of how your fireplace looks you can always upgrade to it a new style!



Does Valor offer any customizations for the inner workings of my fireplace?

Fire beds and firebox liners can be customized for any room style. Customers can choose between different styled log, rock, and glass options for their fire beds. Liner options can vary depending by model but the different aesthetics can provide beautiful ambiance. To learn more about the different media options for a Valor fireplace, click here.

On top of that, all Valor gas fireplaces come equipped with a safety barrier screen if there are young children or at-risk individuals in your home. Learn more by clicking here.



Does Valor offer anything to help me create my fireplace before I buy it?

The Valor Fireplace Design Center is the ideal tool to help visualize your custom gas fireplace. All of Valor’s products, including zero-clearance fireplaces, gas fireplace insert, and freestanding gas stove options are available to customize withing the Design Center.

Users can now resize and move their fireplace selection on a variety of backgrounds, ranging from traditional to modern room settings.

To build a Valor, visit design.valorfireplaces.com.

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  1. It’s great that you elaborated that you should consider a perfect fit for your finished product. A couple of days ago, my mother told me that she wanted to have a custom fireplace that could provide a natural look to their home, and she asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to consider. You did a great job of explaining, and I will be sure to consult a trusted fireplaces company as they can offer a variety in addition to quality.

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