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This week we will be covering the most frequently asked questions about the Valor 10 system and all of its wonderful benefits. This remote control will help you use your Valor Fireplace and assist you with the details to make sure you are heating your home as efficiently as possible.

Q: What are the basic controls of the Valor 10 System?

A: The Valor 10 remote control allows you to take control of overhead lighting, childproofing, a countdown timer, and operation and programmatic modes. Control your fireplace with ease and peace of mind using the Valor 10 remote control, and feel the warmth.

Q: What is Thermostatic Mode? How can this remote help with childproofing?

A: For an overview of thermostatic and childproofing modes using the Valor 10 remote, watch below:

Q: What Is Program Mode?

A: Program mode allows you to create a preset schedule for your fireplace. To learn more, watch the video below:

Q: What model of fireplace works with Valor 10 WiFi App?

A: The Valor 10 WiFi remote app system is available as an option on the following products:

For more information on the Valor 10 System and in-depth videos, visit here.

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