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When we consider all of the new technology that we see regularly, it’s not hard to realize that most of these gadgets and shortcuts have added efficiency to our lives. In fact, in most cases, they have saved us valuable time and energy as well. So if your everyday items can be efficient, it’s essential to find a fireplace that fits that description and saves us time in our daily life.

When it comes to a Valor gas fireplace, you may start to wonder what kind of efficient options it can offer you, or perhaps you may find yourself interested in the ability to control your fireplace from your phone. Whatever your needs might be, it’s important to ask the questions before you make your final purchase, so keep reading to learn more about how your fireplace can work for your lifestyle:

Will my Valor Fireplace be an energy-efficient upgrade for my home?

Valor has pioneered and perfected radiant heat technology to generate constant, comfortable warmth. Valor fireplaces distribute radiant heat directly to your living spaces, using up to 25% less energy than traditional forced-air systems.

There is no need for an electrical hook-up, or a noisy fan. A Valor does not require electricity to function and uses radiant heat to warm the objects and people in a room, instead of just blowing out air. Both of these features allow you to save on home-energy costs.


What smart features will my Valor Fireplace offer me?

Every Valor comes equipped with efficiency and safety features to help improve your overall experience, and save money. Review a collection of these features below:

Automatic Turndown & Shutdown Features

Home Energy Features

  • Direct vent, sealed combustion gas fireplaces eliminate any unwanted drafts and/or heat loss.
  • The remote pilot ignition system allows you to easily turn the pilot light on and off, saving on fuel and energy costs.
  • Zone Heating saves money by providing a steady, even heat in the spaces you frequent the most.
  • Self-modulating system uses less energy to produce a beautiful and realistic radiant fire.


Can I control my gas fireplace with an app?

Select Valor gas fireplaces now offer the ability to control your fireplace from the Valor 10 remote app, available now for Apple Store and Google Play compatible devices. Take full control of your fireplace with intuitive and interactive options—including the ability to program your fireplace, set a countdown timer, or integrate child safety locks.

To learn more about the Valor 10 mobile remote app and compatible fireplaces, please click here.

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