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Have you been looking for ways to improve the design and style of your home? Look no further than Valor Fireplaces to bring cutting-edge designs and looks that will take your living spaces to the next level. Valor offers various styles of gas and electric fireplaces to suit any home or design scheme.

Does Valor Fireplaces offer different styles to match my home?

Yes! From contemporary to traditional styles, we offer distinctive designs to enhance any décor and design. Our fireplaces provide more than just a great fire. They also deliver cost-efficient, reliable heat that all of our customers love.

Does Valor offer any two-sided designs for a more open concept?

Yes! The L1 See-Thru gas fireplace is an example of a 2-sided fireplace that provides a view from two separate spaces. Valor also offers a multi-sided gas fireplace, the LX1 Pier, which provides a 3-sided viewing experience.

Can I customize how my Valor Fireplace looks?

Yes! Almost every Valor offers customizable options for fire beds, fronts, accessories, and more. Choose between modern, traditional, or contemporary design choices when choosing a Valor fireplace.

Does Valor offer stylish options for electric fireplaces?

Yes! Choose between the Valor branded LEX electric (LEX2, LEX3, and LEX4) or British Fires New Forest electric fireplaces to suit your design needs. For an overview of all available electric options, visit the Valor Electric Fireplaces section of our website.

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