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When it comes to your Valor Fireplace, it’s vital to choose a unit that matches your home and personal style. Luckily, Valor is one step ahead with great options for customizing the look of your Valor fireplace to fit your taste and home perfectly.

Q: What options are customizable on my Valor Fireplace?

A: A Valor gas fireplace can be fully customizable to suit your design and installation needs. When choosing a fireplace, Valor offers customization options for:

  • Engine types – natural gas, propane gas, and electric fireboxes
  • Log options – choose between various log options such as traditional, driftwood, or birch logs.
  • Liners – customize the interior of your fireplace with different liners. Choose between fluted black, reflective glass, herringbone, ledgestone, and more.
  • Fronts – Valor offers several unique front styles. From contemporary to traditional to modern designs, Valor is guaranteed to have a style to suit your space.
  • Backing Plates & Accessories – Covering off an existing hole in the wall? A number of different-sized backing plates are available to ensure your fireplace stands out. Customize even further with accessories such as a remote wifi kit, Heatshift™, and more.

And don’t forget, you can build a customized Valor gas or electric fireplace by visiting the Valor Fireplace Design Center.

Q: Can I customize my Valor Fireplace after it’s been installed?

A: Once your fireplace has been installed, you still have the option to update the aesthetics inside and out. The logs, liners, and fronts can be changed once the fireplace is installed, allowing you to change the look of your fireplace over time. Please review each installation manual and consult your dealer for more information.

Visit your local authorized Valor dealer to discuss potential upgrade options for your fireplace.

Q: Does Valor offer different colors and styles to match my home?

A: Yes! From simple black to brushed nickel to champagne brass, Valor offers a suite of colors and styles for your living space.

To learn more about the different fireplaces, options, and accessories from Valor, visit valorfireplaces.com.

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