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The summer has officially arrived in full force, so cooling down the home becomes an instant priority for the entire household. This may leave you wondering what you should do with your gas fireplace over the summer months, and we’ve got the answers to your burning questions:

Q: Should I turn off my pilot light in the summer months?

A: Most Valor gas fireplaces have the 7-day pilot shut-off feature. The 7-day pilot shut-off is ideal if you are away from home for an extended period or your fireplace is not being used during the warmer spring and summer months.

Q: When is the best time to perform maintenance on my gas fireplace?

A: We recommend servicing or cleaning your fireplace 1-2 times a year. Annual maintenance will maximize the life and performance of your Valor gas fireplace.

Q: What is the best way to clean my gas fireplace?

A: When cleaning your gas fireplace, consider the following:

  • Glass – For details on glass cleaning, click here.
  • Barrier Screens –  Simply use a soft brush to eliminate dust and grime.
  • Firebox – Dust can be brushed from the ceramic logs/rocks and firebox walls after removing the front unit and opening the window. When cleaning, make sure that no particles are brushed into the slots of the burner.
  • Batteries – We strongly recommend replacing the batteries in your receiver and remote control at least once a year for optimal performance.
  • Cast Iron Accessories – The matte cast iron parts can be brushed clean. The enamelled cast iron parts can be cleaned with mild soap and water and dried with a lint-free soft cloth.
  • Steel Accessories – Clean steel surrounds and trims with mild soap and warm water on cooled surfaces. 

Click here for additional information on cleaning and maintaining a gas fireplace.

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